Client Portal Help

Once logged on you will find several tabs along the top of the page.

On the ‘Home’ page, you will find a countdown to your event along with a copy of any emails you have recently received from Dan’s Disco and also details of any scheduled meetings.

‘My Events’ lists your events that you have booked Dan’s Disco to attend.

‘My Profile’ contains your personal information which is securely stored and will not be made available to any third party. Please ensure your information is correct and kept up-to-date. Any changes can be made by clicking the ‘Edit Contact Information’ button at the bottom. You can also change your Username and Password to something more memorable if you wish.

‘Contact’ contains all the contact information for Dan’s Disco, should you need to get in touch. The best method of contact is via email, or by phone if it is an urgent matter.

Returning to the ‘Home’ page, you will find two buttons on the right hand side.

‘Plan My Event’ is where you can make your music requests in advance of your event. Here you can ‘Add Requests’, ‘View Requests’ view your ‘Guest Requests’ and select your ‘Special Songs’ such as your first dance at a wedding (if available). You can easily search for music and/or artists using the tabs along the top of the page. The music listed within the search function is limited at present, if you cannot find a song you are looking for, then please use the ‘Add Your Own’ tab to type in an artist and song title.

You can also record your days activities under the ‘Planning Forms’ and ‘Timeline’ section. This not only helps you to plan your event, but also keeps Dan’s Disco informed of your timings throughout the event so that I can assist in making your event run as smooth as possible.

‘Event Details’ displays all of the information for your event. Dates, times, venue details and a list of the payments you have made to Dan’s Disco are all listed here. Once again, please ensure that all of these details are correct.

You can also allow your guests to make music requests in advance.

If you wish to allow guests to make music requests, log on to your event planner account and go to ‘Home’, ‘Plan My Event’ and select ‘Guest Requests’. You can use the web link and password provided to share with your friends and family via email or text message. They will require the web link, date of event and the password to gain access to the request system. (Please do not allow guests to use your username and password to access your account).

Alternatively you can use the Facebook options and share the link on your Facebook timeline or share the link privately via private message.
NB. If you share on your timeline than ensure you only share the link with friends and family, however, anyone on your Facebook profile will be able to access the request system.